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Christian Counseling

Real people have real problems. During life’s ups and downs, we know that faith and spiritual beliefs guide many people. But we also know that challenges to faith or questions about suffering can happen during difficult times. Your faith journey and your beliefs are important to us in reaching your counseling goals.

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Christian Counseling at Anne Huebner & Associates

Christian counseling views the whole person by blending faith-based beliefs and psychological research. It also considers your physical, mental health, family, and social issues. Through Christian counseling, we offer a full range of therapy services for mind, body, relationships, and spiritual aspects in a real world. To meet your unique needs, we help you address situations and symptoms with spiritual truths and counseling strategies. And we help you build wisdom, flexibility, and coping to deal with life’s problems.


We appreciate that clergy members make meaningful contributions to your life. With your consent, we can work together with your pastor, priest, parish nurse, or other ministry leader to reach your counseling goals.


Challenges to faith can arise in life. Your faith can also be a source of encouragement, hope, inspiration, and strength. We’re here to help you with Christian counseling to reach your mental health goals. Call our Brookfield, WI, office today at 262-786-9184.

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