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About Us

At Anne Huebner & Associates, we offer personalized, confidential therapy and assessments to meet your particular needs. Whether you are concerned about your child, teen, family, relationship, or other personal challenges in life, we’re here to offer help and hope.

Call us today for your therapy, counseling, and assessment needs at 262-786-9184.


Our caring professionals are committed to:

  • Working with you to develop individualized goals

  • Developing a comprehensive, honest view of you and your needs

  • Providing effective care through therapy, counseling, and assessments

  • Empowering you for personal growth, well-being, and personal goals

  • Adhering to the highest ethical standards


Therapy and Counseling

Our experienced team will tailor therapy or counseling for mental health disorders, personal growth, school issues, communication skill building, parenting, divorce, substance abuse, work or career challenges, illness, grief, adjustment to life changes, and other issues.


Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations help to identify symptoms and severity of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other disorders. They also assist in describing personal strengths and coping patterns.


Forensic Psychology

If you have legal issues, Dr. Anne Huebner, offers forensic psychology services, including independent medical evaluations (IMEs), worker’s compensation, fitness for duty, fitness for practice, personal injury, disability, parent evaluations, and risk assessments.

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