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Are you concerned about your child’s behavior, or anxiety at home, at school, or in relationships? Does your own mood or concentration bother you? When you need answers to these and other questions, psychological and neuropsychological assessments can help.



Evaluate patterns in emotions and behaviors, coping strategies, and how they affect daily life.



Explore attention, concentration, learning, decision-making, and memory problems.



Help surgeons understand mental health, coping styles, and social issues affecting weight loss efforts.



Explore emotional, cognitive, and behavioral issues when legal situations arise at home, school, work, or socially.

Child/Adolescent Assessments

Children and adolescents can struggle with rules, homework, and relationships making parenting more difficult. Teachers may also report problems at school. When this happens, psychological assessment or neuropsychological assessments can tell you what blocks your child’s ability to feel happier or behave more constructively. When questions rise about AD/HD or learning disabilities, assessments identify steps to help your child to reach full potential. Results provide a wealth of useful information for you, your son or daughter’s teachers, and other professionals to guide your child in the most helpful direction.


Adult Assessments

Psychological and neuropsychological assessments help identify problems that may be affecting your ability to cope successfully with your environment. In some situations where attention and memory are questioned, assessments can identify Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), bipolar or anxiety disorders, or dementia. In other complex situations, assessments can identify accurate diagnoses and describe how personality characteristics affect coping, relationships, and achievement in different life arenas. For adults, assessment recommendations are often used for college accommodations, employment situations, bariatric surgery, court-ordered issues, substance abuse, or vocational rehabilitation.


The skilled professionals at Anne Huebner & Associates use a variety of evidence-based tools for psychological assessments, neuropsychological assessments, bariatric evaluations, and forensic evaluations. These include IQ tests for thinking and memory skills and abilities, personality tests for emotional distress and coping styles, and questionnaires about stressors, relationship issues, and personal functioning.


A Clear Picture

When you or your child’s mental health diagnosis and personal situation has been properly identified, assessment results are provided in a report to clarify recommendations for school, work, therapy, medications, and other individuals providing help. Your assessment report provides a clear picture of:


  • Behavior and emotional problems

  • Personal and social concerns

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • A mental health diagnosis

  • Treatment recommendations

To learn more or schedule an assessment with one of our skilled therapists, counselors or psychotherapists at our Brookfield, Wis., office, call 262-786-9184.


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